Golden Globes 2014 – Best & Worst Dressed – My Picks!

Did you tune in to the Golden Globes this past Sunday night? I did! I’ve always loved awards shows. Not only because these incredible actors/actresses are recognized for their incredible performances, but for what they are wearing. As we all know fashion plays a huge part.

So let’s see who wore what. Here are My Picks for the Best and Worst Dressed at The Golden Globes 2014.

Kerry Washington Golden Globes 2014Getty Images Photo By Steve Granitz/WireImage

Kerry Washington – Mama to be looks amazing and so radiant. This has to be one of the nicest maternity dresses I’ve seen in a long lime and she is wearing it so well! Beautiful look for her! Not crazy about the shoes though.

Julia Roberts Golden Globes 2014Getty Images Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Julia Roberts – Julia usually looks good with whatever she has on. I like this dress a lot on her. It’s classy and stylish and suits her figure in a flattering way.

Sosie Bacon Golden Globes 2014Getty Images Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Sosie Bacon – I’m not usually a fan of nude dresses. But this one is beautiful! I wish there had been a little more colour but the fit was perfect and she looked super confident.

Reese Witherspoon Golden Globes 2014Getty Images Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon – This dress is very simple and classy. Nice shape and color, not over the top, Reese is gorgeous as usual.

Amy Poehler Golden Globes 2014Getty Images Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Amy Poehler – Loved the dress! Very classy and elegant. I think the guy behind her, liked it too! LOL!

Olivia WildeGetty Images Photo By ason Merritt/Getty Images

Olivia Wilde – Another mama to be on the red carpet. The dress itself is amazing, the colour is beautiful. I do think it was a tad too tight and maybe a bit too long for her though since she is pregnant. She doesn’t look very comfortable. I’m not digging the hair either. She has gorgeous locks, but they look a little weighed down. Need more volume and body in that hair. I would’ve like to see an up swept do on her with some loose curls.

Uma Thurman Golden Globes 2014Getty Images Photo By Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBC via Getty Images

Uma Thurman – Uma looked absolutely stunning. This dress is gorgeous! With her pulled back hair, matching jewelry, and dual cut dress, she leaves enough mystery between formal and elegant to drop a jaw. She looks fantastic.

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan-Tatum Golden Globes 2014Getty Images Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan-Tatum – Jenna looks spectacular! Love the slimming, lacy pattern of the embellishment. Simply beautiful. And of course Channing is hot as he always is. I could never get tired of staring… er um… looking at him! 😉

Michael DouglasGetty Images Photo By Trae Patton/NBC/Getty Images

Michael Douglas – Michael looks a bit tired and lonely without Catherine Zeta-Jones at his side. But considering he’s had throat cancer and how badly he looked last year, I do think he looks a lot healthier now. I hope his health keeps him around for a long time – but, for now, he’s beginning to look closer in age to his father.

Kelly Osbourne Golden Globes 2014Rex Features / Broadimage

Kelly Osbourne – Kelly has such a gorgeous face. Her makeup was absolutely flawless and her body is banging since she’s slimmed down. While I really like the Lilac/Lavender hair colour. I’m not sure what she was thinking with the slicked hairdo. In a few photos it didn’t look so bad, but in others it looks hard as a rock! The black Escada gown was pretty, just not sure how I feel about the gold floral embroidery on it. Maybe there was just too much gold all around, with all her gold jewelry , gold shoes, and the Golden Globes inspired manicure, I think there was just too much gold going on period. Maybe it’s her hair colour that is throwing the black and gold off. I can’t quite pin point it.

Taylor SwiftGetty Images Photo By Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBC via Getty Images

Taylor Swift – Is it just me or does Taylor always seems to look like an emotionless mannequin? She always seems to have an empty look on her face. The dress is gorgeous though. Very classy.

Nancy O'DellGetty Images Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Nancy O’Dell – She looks stunning, elegant, and classy. And that color is incredible on her. But I’m a little disappointed that she didn’t change up the colour this time as she wore the same blue at last year’s Golden Globes.

Sandra BullockGetty Images Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Sandra Bullock – I love her! She usually makes wonderful and flattering fashion choices. This was not one of those choices. I don’t mind the idea of bold colour blocking, but this is the wrong fabric. The bottom looks like it needs ironing.

Heidi KlumGetty Images Photo By Steve Granitz/WireImage

Heidi Klum – Oh Heidi… I’m really not sure how I feel about this dress. I want to like it. But something just isn’t right. Maybe there is too might white going on? Maybe it’s too young looking for her age? The last couple of years I have noticed that Heidi has aged quite a bit. She is starting to look like a hippy with crocodile skin. LOL! Maybe too much tanning? If she kept her hair swept up, I think she would look 40 and not ten years older.

Drew Barrymore Golden Globes 2014Getty Images Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Drew Barrymore – I love Drew, and mama to be looks radiant. But I don’t love this dress. It looks like a sheer curtain! The all over floral appliqué, the peppy pink and red colors. This dress was just wrong all the way around. Not flattering at all. Pregnant or not, she could have done a lot better.

Jay Manuel Golden Globes 2014Getty Images Photo By Steve Granitz/WireImage

Jay Manuel – I’ve always looked forward to Jay’s critiques on America’s Next Top Model. As far as the outfit? It’s Jay… and I wouldn’t expect anything different from him. He’s a fashionista for crying out loud and still adorable. Honestly, I kinda like what he’s done. I’m a little bored with the same black coat and tie at red carpet events. So it’s nice to see something new that is fresh and funky and not the norm!

Mary Lou RettonGetty Images Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Mary Lou Retton – What is she doing? Hmmm… Maybe it’s better if we don’t know. she seems happy though. Where’s the Fashion Police when ya need ’em? This whole outfit is hideous. Maybe some sheer nude pantyhose next time? Ha! Definitely worst dressed of the evening in my opinion.

Kate Beckinsale Golden Globes 2014

Kate Beckinsale – You know, you could dress Kate in garbage bags and she’d still look absolutely stunning! This is how you do glamour and pizzazz! By far my favourite dress of the evening. Perfect all around!

Did you watch the Golden Globes 2014?

Who do you think was best dressed?

Who do you think was worst dressed?




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