10 Health Myths That Really Need to Go Away – Infographic

When you were younger how many times did your mother nag at you to make sure you dressed warm on cold winter days or you might catch a cold? Or how cracking your knuckles supposedly causes arthritis? Sorry mom, but those were just wives tales. Here are 10 popular health myths that people tend to mistakenly think are true and that really need to go away.

10 Health Myths That Really Need to Go Away
View Interactive Version (via Gompels Healthcare).

Are you surprised by any of these Health Myths?




  1. Ha, awesome post. I just told the gum one to my kids the other day, it’s not true – but it’s a successful scare tactic! lol
    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos recently posted…Fireworks {Kind of} CapturedMy Profile

  2. The sunscreen one always makes me laugh. When we lived in Utah, people would always complain about the sunburns they got skiing. “It was so cold! I don’t get i!” Ha Ha like the temperature is what burns you!
    Aimee Smith recently posted…Holiday Crafts – Yarn WreathMy Profile

  3. Neat post. just told my daughter the TV one yesterday
    Elizabeth @ Being MVP recently posted…Video Conference with a Doctor Right on your Phone Anytime of the Day | Doctor On Demand + $200 Target Gift Card #GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Some of my worst sunburns were when it was cloudy! I definitely agree that that one is a myth!
    Amber Edwards recently posted…Sitting Room makeover with Bassett FurnitureMy Profile

  5. Everyone always tells me that cracking my knuckles will cause arthritis. I need to show them this.

  6. So funny. I just told my son the other day not to crack his knuckles. I am going to have to apologize to him lol!
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted…A Look at Edaville USA’s Newest Attraction, Dinoland!My Profile

  7. Ha, ha, ha… My older brother swears that his cracking his knuckles caused his joint issues, HA! I do it around him just to bug him now!

  8. Ha, I remember hearing the gum thing all the time growing up. And yes it is so important to wear sunscreen when it’s cloudy.
    Toni recently posted…Lillian Vernon Kids Luggage, Perfect For Those Little Travelers!My Profile

  9. I have heard ALL of these over the years, between my parents and grandparents. I will have to tell them they were wrong!
    Mindy Grant recently posted…Getting Ready for Summer with a 3-Day All Natural CleanseMy Profile

  10. It is annoying when someone says to get out of the cold night air because I’ll catch a cold or something like that. I get tired of those old health myths too. Thanks for sharing.
    Tiffany Cruz recently posted…As long as I have children I’ll use stylish baby wipesMy Profile

  11. I knew about most of these. Funny how our moms believed them and told them to us!
    Kristin Wheeler recently posted…Summer Travel & HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® #Moms4JNJConsumer #adMy Profile

  12. These are really interesting facts! Thank you for sharing!

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